[Groop]Groo in NYC

Lanko Marusic franc.marusic@sunysb.edu
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:20:15 -0400

condolences to all those in the city


I know this is not a good time to joke 
but, such a tragedy could only be caused by Groo himself, seems like he
started wandering in the area of NYC

> From: "Daniel Cortés" <danicortes@bsab.com>
> All my support from Spain, too.
> Dani
> Jared Brooks escribió:
> >
> > Just wanted to send my condolences out to everyone in the United States and
> > any of you who were directly or indirectly affected by today's terrible
> > events.
> > Your canadian neighbor,
> > Jared