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The tribute was written by Gordon Sinclair in 1973
shortly after the US had pulled out of the Vietnam
War.  He was enraged at the comments, particularly in
the European papers and in some Canadian ones that were
lambasting the United States.  He wrote the tribute and
broadcast it the same morning out of Toronto.  It was
picked up by a Buffalo station who asked for a tape of
his show and it was picked up from there and played on
stations all over North America.  One station played an
instrumental version of "Bridge over Troubled Waters"
behind it and this too spread.  There were so many
requests for the recording that it was released as a
single and was officialy released shortly after over
"Battle Hymn of the Republic"   All royalties were to
be sent to the American Red Cross.  Mr Sinclair died in
    After a terrible tragedy like this weeks events it
is maybe appropriate to remind the world how much is
owed to the United States and as a Canadian I know that
there is no other country that could be a better
neighbour.  We share the grief and outrage at this
assault on innocent lives.

Rick Smallwood wrote:
> Yep,
> I remember hearing this when i was a teenager back around 73 or 74. I
> don't quite remember all of the words in particular, but the line about
> the railroads I do definitely remember. It was recorded over very
> patriotic sounding music, (America the Beautiful???).
> Rick
> >I heard this on my car radio this afternoon.  Unless the DJ was pulling >Toledo's collective leg (and that is possible, since I consider myself >the fourth most gullible
> >person on the planet) there is a recording of the editorial read by Mr. >Sinclair, and it was readily available in record stores throughout the >U.S. and Canada at some
> >point in time.
> >
> >Janet
> >Toledo Groopie/er #2