[Groop]Closer to Home

aaa azamin7@pd.jaring.my
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 16:24:45 +0800

One Sun consultant at my office who is from NYC told me that
there are a lot of muslims working at the WTC and he feared
about all his friends as Sun Java center had just moved to the one
of the tower.  At least he's glad that his wife and families are safe
even though some of them works at that surrounding area.....

The latest news from NYC that 10 Malaysian workers at WTC still missing
(as they still didn't contact Malaysian embassy), and 13 others are safe

Bodhikt@aol.com wrote:

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  grossfam@olywa.net writes:

     today my 14 year old daughter
     was in a car accident while being driven home from school and
     while not
     "seriously" hurt, she is in a lot of pain from being racked
     around and she,
     of course, is all I'm thinking about.  She'll be fine.  -Gary G.

  Hope she recovers quickly; she IS more important for you to be
  about-- aside from the fact that she's family, you also can DO
  something to
  help her deal with her personal trauma.
  This whole matter still seems unreal to me-- I can accept
  intellectually that
  it really happened, but it "feels" like a bad horror movie. I'm
  also dealing
  with "kid problems", so maybe that's part of my problem. Glad
  to hear Larry,
  et al, are OK-- they are "real", since I've met them, at least
  on-line, but I
  don't think I know anybody personally that is missing/died. I'm
  trying to
  contact a couple of Islamic friends here-- the Interreligious
  Council is
  supposed to have a meeting today (I'm secretary), but the one
  seems to have
  his fax/answering machine off, and is not answering the
  phone, and the other
  (an Iman) isn't responding to e-mail (I'm sure he's VERY busy....
  but it
  would be nice to know he's OK).