[groop] Question for M.E.

Scott scott@knyght.net
Fri, 14 Sep 2001 22:35:27 -0500

I am going to hire Groo to be your personal body guard... no, wait, he will
slay you then... OK, I will get Groo as the terrorist's body guard... no,
wait, double cross plans always backfire and he will do it right and still
slay you...

OK, get 'em Gary, I got your back!


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Heh... no terrorist in their sane, or insane, mind would think of doing
anything to bring harm to senior Aragones or M.E. for one simple fact....
for fear of suffering the wrath of Gary Grossman, fan number one!

Heh... sorry 'bout that Gary... couldn't resist that little elbow jab there.


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Subject: [groop] Question for M.E.

After tuesdays events, and new fear of flying, Do you and Sergio plan to
make different plans than flying to different cities and such for
conventions and other travels?

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