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Here is a pic of the site from the space station... 


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> I read Larry's email...he also
> said that where he worked (MACY's) was about a block
> from the Empire State
> Building,...and amongst all the smoke I
> saw the tip of the Empire
> State Building . . . . . . .
> "A block WHICH WAY LARRY ! " came to mind...

People who haven't experienced New York first-hand
have a hard time understanding how immense the city
is, and how HUGE some of these landmark buildings are.
As close as the Empire State building may seem to be
in some of those shots, it is about 3 miles away from
the site of the World Trade Center Disaster.

Those of you old-timer Groopers/Groopies may remember
a now "retired" Grooper named Unirabbit from Florida.
Tracy called me the day of the attack on my cell phone
and left ths message:

"Larry, I know you must be okay because I know you
don't work anywhere near there, but PLEASE call us as
soon as you get this, because Trish (her 12-year old
daughter, one of the two we call the Unibunnies) is
hysterical and is sure you're dead. Please call and
comfort her!!!"

Well, of course I called right away, but that was the
first time I thought about it and realized that if you
didn't know New York, the devistation depicted on TV
made it look like the whole city was destroyed. 

-Larry Steller

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