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Just chiming in to say thank you to all the groopers who have filled my
"inbox" over the last couple of days it has been helpful to hear from people
all over the country and world- As a member of the local media it has been
heartwrenching to to sit in the studio 14 hours a day waiting to do
SOMETHING. I think especially here on the west coast we are feeling the
stress of helplessness, frustration and anger. I was thrilled to hear Colin
Powell say we are gonna "Do the Groo" on those who are responceable for this
and other terrorist actions but sad on the other hand because like many in
the Groop the only frays I really enjoy are those drawn by SA. Best wishes
to all - soon we shall laugh and play again,
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> Hi Folks!
> I will be glad when I feel like getting back to Grope silliness, but I'm
> there yet.  Anew:
> I agree with the folks who say this was an attack on our culture, which
> terrorists believe to be evil and morally bankrupt. (Never mind that
> its many flaws our culture is responsible for bringing more prosperity and
> more freedom to a greater percentage of the population of the world than
> ever been seen in human history.)  Now typically, I don't make value
> judgements on another persons cultural beliefs, but since they have sort
> forced my hand in that regard consider this:
> In their little culture, they glorify people who die killing men, women,
> children indiscriminately.
> In our culture, we glorify people who die saving men, women, and children
> indiscriminately.
> Now, whose culture is evil and morally bankrupt?
> Take care all -Gary G.
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