[Groop]Sheik Of Entropy

Larry Steller lawrencesteller@yahoo.com
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 21:36:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi friends.

I just wanted to let you all know that, if you need to
contact me privately, my new email address is


When I first signed up for the Groo List years ago, I
used as my alias AMBUSH BUG, after another humorous
character I'm fond of. 

At some point I decided I didn't want to establish an
online persona based on someone else's copyrighted
character, so I reached back to my earliest Dungeons &
Dragons days of the 1980s and pulled out the name of
one of my favorite character creations, The Sheik Of
Entropy. A wild and wacky dude, to say the least, he
was a chaotic neutral wizard who enjoyed stirring up
trouble and basically being loony.

It occurred to me last Wednesday night when I was
reading that initial outpouring of love from you all
(of which I once again thank you from the bottom of my
heart!!!) that perhaps celebrating chaos as a fun and
frivolous lifestyle, and linking chaos to an Arabic
title, no longer seemed particularly funny to me. 

This in no way reflects a change in my attitude
towards Arabs, by the way. Read my post called "Just A
New Yorker" if you want my full rant about tolerance
and love.

So, to wrap this up, sorry about being melodramatic,
but it's time to put the moniker Sheik Of Entropy to
rest, and just be plain old Larry Steller. 

We'll talk more, but I may just lurk for a while!!!

Love and gratitude,

Larry Steller

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