Eric Chun mightyhero@yahoo.com
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 02:08:30 -0700 (PDT)

Hi guys/grrls!

Gary wrote:
>Just got back from helping to set up my new
>daughter-in-law at college.  Drove 2300 miles
>and haven't slept in two days.

Driving without enough sleep is too dangerous!
It's not worth the risk.

A philosopher named Bill Watterson once wrote
"Be careful or be roadkill."  This applies to
both drivers and chickens crossing the road.
(Incidentally, "Calvin and Hobbes" was named
after two philosophers.)

Greg wrote:
>Larry - you out there buddy ? - send me an
>email so I know that you are ok,

I remembered that Larry works at Macy's,
since he was the grandmaster of the Macy's
Thanksgiving Day parade.  Since he working
at Macy's, he must not be in the WTC.  As
a result, he must be o.k.  Anyway, this was
my logical/illogical thinking.

Glad everyone on the mailing list is o.k.

Larry wrote:
>"Who's stronger, HULK or the THING."

The Hulk.

Albert Moy, an art dealer who you may have
seen at Wondercon and San Diego Comic Con,
posted one of the most amazing stories regard-
ing the WTC tragedy to the Comicart-L mailing

>Thanks for all your concerns, I'm OK.  I work
>in Queens so all I saw was smoke.  My wife
>works in Manhattan and saw all the panic, it
>took her 6 hours to get home.  I have four
>relatives that works at the World Trade Center,
>two were late for work and saw the plane hit
>and ran for home, the other was in Bldg. #7
>and he got out OK, but the last one was in
>Bldg. #2 and she ran out of her office when
>Bldg. #1 was hit.  Her bosses and the
>announcement over the speaker told everyone
>to get back in their offices and to stay there.
>She booked and took the stairs, she was on the
>83rd floor.  When she hit the 72nd floor,
>that's when the plane hit Bldg. #2.  The heat
>from the crash, she thinks two floors above
>her, was so strong it gave her 2nd to 3rd
>degree burns to about 17% of her body.  When
>she made it out, she got in an ambulance and
>took off, about 2 min. later she said the
>building collapsed.  She fine but in a lot of
>pain.  She told me that when she was going
>down the stairs people were return to work
>because of the announcement, and many of her
>coworkers stayed behind when the boss said to
>stay.  Thank God she's stubborn and didn't

Perhaps more people could have been saved if
there weren't announcements over the loud-
speakers, saying that there was no danger.
Both buildings had these announcements.

Sergio is listed as a guest for next year's
MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.  Feb. 22-24, 2002.

See you.


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