[Groop]Re: finding groo trading cards plus a bunch of other stuff

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Sat, 29 Sep 2001 03:03:07

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I, too, preordered the limited edition Life/Death of Groo last year and I 
have since cancelled the order.  When (and if) it actually makes it onto 
comic store shelves, I'll purchase it.  I have to admit, it was a bit scary 
when Mark said he and Sergio had not been contacted to sign the copies, etc. 
so I had the store credit my credit card for the preorder-


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<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
<P>I don't post here much usually just lurk.&nbsp; I have a day off today so if you got the time to read my ramblings here I go.</P></DIV>
<P>RE: groo cards. The only place I ever saw the cards were at sergio signing booth at san diego comic con.&nbsp; Over the years of going to the con I bought&nbsp;enough boxes to obtain all of the chase cards then I stopped buying them.&nbsp; I also completed a few sets, thanks to Mark, and now have 7 sets and would be more than happy to trade you for a set.&nbsp; Let me know what you got and we'll set something up.<BR><BR>RE: movies for Groo's who like funny movies here are some of my favorites:&nbsp; This is Spinal Tap on DVD is great.&nbsp; They've included about an hour and a half of extra footage, and the commentary on the movie is as funny as the movie.&nbsp; Dogma is one of my favorites, I haven't got the DVD yet but I hear it has a lot of extra's. "Best of Show" and "Waiting for Guffman" are very funny.&nbsp; They are done in spoof documentary style.&nbsp; And for one of my favorites: "A Nightmare Before Christmas"&nbsp; not extremely funny but wonderful to look at a!
nd some great songs, Danny Elfman is the one singing the Jack parts and he is my all time favorite.&nbsp; He was lead singer for Oingo Boingo and has wrote the film scores to many of my other favorite movies.</P>
<P>RE: this years San Diego Comic Con.&nbsp; It happened a while ago, but this is what I did:&nbsp; This was the 2nd year I went for all 4 days.&nbsp; This year I met Gary and got a "Did I Err" shirt from him and got to hear some gary stories, he is my hero next to sergio and groo of course.&nbsp; Tip if you ever get one of those shirts and want Sergio to draw a sketch on it bring your own sharpie, it ruins the pen he uses to autograph comics with. I hung around Sergio's table for a while, long enough to meet is lovely daughter and hear some Sergio stories.&nbsp; Meet Larry and was with him when he purchased the original panels for many bucks.&nbsp; I went to the groo panel, funny story, I didn't want to wear my newly signed "Did I Err" shirt so right before the panel I changed into the shirt and left my&nbsp;badge, the one you need to go any where at comic con,&nbsp;in the bathroom and didn't realize it until 5 minutes into the groo panel, went back to the bathroom and ther!
e it was right where I left it, rather grooish of me.&nbsp; Anyway after the panel I got Tom and Stan to sign my hard cover book of the "Groo Chronicles" that I had purchased many years ago that was signed by Sergio and Mark and numbered.&nbsp; The other none groo stuff I did was go to the Kevin Smith Panel, wrote and directed Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mall Rats, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.&nbsp; He talked for about 3 hours and was very funny, Jay Muse the one who plays Jay,&nbsp;was also there but just sat there with not much to say&nbsp; Saw the cartoon Futurama episode that fox wouldn't air because of its violence, violent but very funny.&nbsp; Also obtained the two missing Mad Magazines that have slipped through my fingers and now have a complete Mad Magazine collection from #1 to the present, yea for me.&nbsp; Overall a wonderful place to be for 4 days.</P>
<P>RE: other stuff.&nbsp; I pre order the Life and Death of Groo hard back and am waiting very patiently for it.&nbsp; Gary have you heard anything?&nbsp; Also waiting patiently for the next groo series "Death and Taxes"&nbsp; Mark any news on when that is coming out?&nbsp; </P>
<P>Well if you made through the end I thank you for reading all of my ramblings.&nbsp; I'll go back to being a lurker now.&nbsp; Keep writing it nice to read about the going ons each day.</P>
<P>In Groo, Sergio, The Groop, and Gary I Trust,</P>
<P>Proud to be an American,</P>
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