[Groop]STUPID Groo Facts

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
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Hi Fred!

No.  The only Groo pages in non-Groo publications that are included are the
6 short Groo adventures in Destroyer Duck, StarSlayer #5, Epic Illustrated
#27, Wizard #78, Dark Horse Jr. Presents Annual 1999, and Dark Horse Extra

I'll cover covers at another time.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)  There are a
lot more than just the Marvel Ages.  You could add quite a few more pages if
you toss in all the non-Groo publications covers, original art ads, and
pin-ups in other comics in which Groo is the main or one of the main
characters.  And then there are the original and semi-original covers for
many of the Spanish Groos.  But I decided to "limit" the page count to
actual Groo comics and adventures, including American reprints.  That seemed
to make sense, plus it's what Mark had added up in the past.

And don't worry, not all the STUPID Groo facts will be numbers.

Take care -Gary G.

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> > STUPID Groo Fact #1:  Through Death & Taxes #3, there have been 4391
> > original cartoon Groo comic pages.
> >
> > This includes all cartoon pages of all the Groo stories, all extra stuff
> in
> > the comics and the American reprints, and all the covers of both the
> comics
> > and the American reprints. The wraparound covers count as two pages.  It
> > doesn't include original pages done for ads or original covers and intro
> > pages done for International reprints.
> Does it include the covers done for Marvel Age?????
> Detailedly Fred