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3:30 p.m.: Spotlight on John Romita Sr.
He's the man who redefined Spider-Man for a generation and he's a
WonderCon special guest! Superstar artist John Romita Sr. sits
down for a talk with comics writer and historian Mark Evanier. Calvin
Simmons Ballroom

4:30 p.m.: 20 Years of Groo
It's hard to believe but the little guy is 20 years old! Join creator/artist
Sergio Aragones and writer Mark Evanier for the celebration and
hear all about what's next for Groo. Calvin Simmons Ballroom


2:00 p.m.: Quick  Draw!
It's cartoon improv! This literal adaptation of Whose Line Is It Anyway
(with drawn lines replacing one-liners) showcases the quick draw
artistry of Sergio Aragones, John Romita Jr., and others as host
Mark Evanier comes up with improvised situations for them to draw.
It's something totally different at WonderCon! Calvin Simmons

3:30 p.m.: Legends of Comics: The Golden and Silver Ages
Moderator Mark Evanier talks with some of the comic world's
legends in this panel devoted to the Golden and Silver Ages. Julius
Schwartz, Creig Flessel, Irwin Hasen, John Romita Sr. and more
take the stage to talk about their lives and careers in comics. Calvin
Simmons Ballroom 

5:00 p.m.: Funny Books  Do Comics Still Have a Sense of Humor?
They used to be called funny books all the time, but the humor comic
book genre has slipped as of late. Join moderator Mark Evanier
(Groo, Fanboy) as he talks to Sergio Aragones (Groo, Mad),
Batton Lash (Supernatural Law), Carolyn Kelly (daughter of Walt
Kelly, famed creator of Pogo), and more as they explore the world of
humor in comics. Calvin Simmons Ballroom


Everyone has their Wondercon tickets, right??


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