[Groop]Once again, what is that blue buckle called?

Ruben Arellano rarellano@shaw.ca
Thu, 04 Apr 2002 22:06:30 -0800

I don't believe it was fastened to the belt.  It is modeled after one 
that  a famous samurai used (his name escaped me -- Miyamato Musashi 
perhaps).  Typically, samurai did not carry two long swords, but this 
guy did.  The itakoshiate was used to keep the ropes together and adjust 
their positions as needed.  Someone who has access to the Groop archives 
might be able to find the list we made a while back explaining all of 
Groo's items/clothing.  I can't find my copy.....

Groo's itakoshiate is actually made from a blue BETA cassette.


Gary Grossmann wrote:

>It is called a "itakoshiate" and it is a sword holder made for two swords
>and fastened to the belt.
>Hmmm.  I don't think this can be the STUPID Groo fact of the day, because it
>actually imparts something that could be considered educational.  -Gary G.
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>>I've been lurking on the Groo list for right near 5 years now and I
>>think this question comes up once a year.  So to keep the annual event
>>going , here goes...
>>What is the blue buckle that is on Groo's sling called?  I remember Mark
>>stated that Sergio told him once, but Mark forgot what Sergio said.
>>Does anyone know the name of this thing?
>>While we're at it.  Does any one have any theories on how the buckle
>>works?  Other than the knots tied around the top and bottom of the
>>buckle to keep it from sliding?
>>Confused and tormented,
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