[Groop]Groo Comics and Statue

ANIMAL #1 an_i_mal@hotmail.com
Mon, 08 Apr 2002 14:22:02 +0000

Hey All,

Well unfortunately my body is taking a little longer to except the new Panc, 
so I am still here in Madison WI. But for the really good news I got Death 
and Taxes 1-3, and probably can go on the list for the best Groo find. The 
comic book store that I bought D&T from had a Groo Statue priced $175. So 
when I purchased my comics I made the comment about the statue and not being 
able to afford it, well the guy behind the counter says they have been 
trying to get rid of it but no one seems to want it. They even offered to 
sell it to someone else for $30, but someone refused(imagine), so needless 
to say I am now the proud owner of Statue #210, and it only cost $30+tax.


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