ANIMAL #1 an_i_mal@hotmail.com
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:03:47 +0000

For now a hotel bed is better than a hospital bed. I should be able to drive 
when I get home, living in a rural area has it's advantages. I should only 
be on weight restrictions for another 2 weeks.

Parenthesies, brackets with Gary all you really need to do is type in some 
computer type language every other word and he will get lost.
[(Just bytes joking 20 gigs Gary rams.)]

But cake walking is almost like walking bare foot in the mud.


>Awesome! I'll bet you can't WAIT to sleep in your own bed!
>Do you have any idea how much at-home recuperating time you'll
>have? Hopefully it'll be a cake walk from here (which always
>sounds kind of messy to me).
>{By the way, I thought it was brackets that Gary can't read, not
>parenthesis? Well, I'm sure you enjoyed your new Sketch Cards, I
>can't imagine anyone else in the world ever actually had 3 in
>their possession at one time!!! It was nice of you to give two
>away to those kids in Pediatrics, I'm sure Gary would understand...}
>-Larry Steller
>New York, New York

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