[Groop]Stupid Groo Fact #23

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
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Mike Slaubaugh wrote:

> Just curious: what were Groo's first SPOKEN words?

This will be STUPID Groo Fact #24

Groo's first spoken words were:  "Uh-oh!"  How appropriate!  From the first
panel in the StarSlayer #5 story, known as "The Crackora."  The whole quote
is "Uh-oh! Looks like I picked the wrong village to visit.  This one's been
destroyed!"   There is no lettering credit.  Maybe this is one that Mark
lettered?    -Gary G.

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> Hi Folks!
> Stupid Groo Fact #23:  Groo's first words were "Oh, well..."  in a
> thought
> bubble in the final panel of the Destroyer Duck Groo Story, known as
> "Groo
> and the Maiden," although there was no formal title.  Unless I am
> mistaken,
> these are the only words in any Groo comic NOT lettered by Stan Sakai.
> I
> think Sergio lettered them himself.  Take care -Gary G.
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