[Groop]San Diego

SbphillipM@netscape.net SbphillipM@netscape.net
Sun, 04 Aug 2002 14:07:44 -0400

To all the groop,

I had a great time at San Diego this weekend!!!  And after parking about a mile away and walking to the convention center and then waiting in a line for an hour and a half to get in and wandering around for about half an hour before thinking to check my program to find out where Sergio was i fianally found his table!!! Sergio is the nicest most friendly and most talented artist i have ever had the pleasure to meet!!!  He signed my baseball and drew a quick sketch of groo on it, and then he drew me a pic of sage that i politely asked from him, and signed another origional sketch that i bought from him (of groo and rufferto) and made it out to me, TO AARON MADLY!  Wow what an experience!  He was also very kind in posing for pictures with me and gave his charismatic smile for the camera!  Will send the pics and scans of my newest prizes of my collection as soon as i get home (am at my sis's place in sd now).  Does this mailing list allow for scans and stuff of that nature?  If not  email me and ill show everyone the pics of Sergio!  What a guy!  I hope i have the chance to meet him again someday (comicon next year?  better have pre-registered, $60 at the door next year!)  I also bought a bunch of groos i diddnt have and my list of missing groos is down to six!  whoo hoo will have my collection totally complete soon!  M.E. where were you?  I diddnt have time to stay for the 20 years of groo film or whatever it was but I thought youd be around there somewheres.  i probably just missed you oh well, hope your slide show went well.  Take care all!


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