[Groop]statue bargain

Ronny Hansen groop@ronnyhansen.net
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 16:49:43 +0100

> It's number 154 and has a Groo bust shot drawn by Sergio on the
> Certificate of Authenticity.

Hi Guys/Gals.

This reminds me of a list we began compiling way back when I wasn't such a lurker. 
The goal was to figure out which of the 750 statues was in "Groop" hands.

This is what I found deep in a folder on my harddrive. Did a quick search on the older  
posts and added a few other statues. Please post corrections/addons and I'll post the 
complete list on my web-site if anybody still is interested... :)

No: ?		Denis Hackney 
No: ?		Tracy A Dunnom
No: ?		Chad M. Riden
No: ?		Tennille Tan 
No: ?		Joe T. Starkey II

No: 109		Gary Grossmann
No: 111		Ruben
No: 154		Dieter Opfer
No: 210		ANIMAL
No; 311		Simon Passey
No: 486		BooK
No: 630		"Unknown"
No: 715		Ronny Hansen
No: 722		Magnus Lindgren