[Groop]Comics... in a Book Store?

Nate Piekos natepiekos@earthlink.net
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 12:48:56 -0500

There are a few Borders Book stores in my area. These stores are the 
largest book stores I've ever seen. They've got just about any book you can 
imagine, all in a trendy, upscale, "let's get a latté" atmosphere.

I spend a lot of time in these Borders Book stores. My wife and I both read 
voraciously, so any time we're remotely in the vicinity of a Borders we 
usually stop by.

Anyhow, last weekend... I saunter in (yes, I sauntered) and head first to 
the Magazine aisles for what I consider the "appetizers" of the book buying 
I stopped dead in my tracks (mid-saunter).

There on the end cap of TWO aisles of magazines were upright metal displays 
of comic books.

Not graphic novels. Regular, monthly, comic books. DC, marvel, DH, Image, 
even some Manga titles. I'm guessing about 50+ different titles.

While I don't expect them to be as precise and timely as my local shop, I 
am thrilled to see comics in what used to be a non-comics venue.  (Comics 
in a book store?  Duh.... nope, nope, nope....)

I don't know how far-reaching Borders is, but I'd be curious to know if 
your local outlet has suddenly sprouted comic books as well.

Now if we can only get them in pharmacies and supermarkets and 5 and dime 
stores.. oh wait... we used to....