[Groop]More Groo Game thoughts, aside to M.E.

Grossmann, Gary GaryG@DOR.WA.GOV
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 12:29:15 -0800

Hi Folks!

For GrooFest 2003 (aka Comic Con International) let's set as a goal figuring
out a time when Groopies can get together and play the game. This can be
tough with all the other stuff going on and people's varie interests other
than Groo, but we ought to be able to figure it out.  

There have been some years when tables close to Sergio's have been empty for
whole days because the table lessor apparently only intended to be there one
or two of the four days.  Wouldn't it be great to get a game going within
sight of Sergio's table?  -Gary G. 

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--- Rick Loomis <rick@flyingbuffalo.com> wrote:
> ... (Hey, maybe if Sergio wouldn't want it, we could
> get one for Gary as a gift? Then we could play it
> every year at San Diego?) 
> ... Maybe Mark and Sergio could offer them a 
> license to do an official Groo version with kopins >
> etc.

I agree with Gary's point, that a GROO version of
Monopoly would only be of interest if ALL of the
elements were made relevant, with Sergio art and
humorous Mark copy. Sadly, I don't believe there is a
large enough market for this to make such an endeavor

As far as San Diego Comic Con game play goes, even if
the ultimate Groo Monopoly Board Game were a reality,
I'd STILL prefer to play the Groo Card Game, which is
much more fun than any Monopoly variant could hope to
aspire to.

The first year I went to SDCC, a handful of us DID get
together to play, and we had a blast! We should all
plan a time and place to have a game, either some
night after the day's events are finished or lunch
time or whatever.

The Ultimate Game Experience would be a Groo Card game
session where Sergio & Mark played! Of course, I know
nothing of the kind would ever come to pass, because
the demands on their time at SDCC are enormous, so
forget it, Groop!

Aside to Mark: I'm curious if you or Sergio have ever
actually played a full Groo Card Game, beyond just
checking it out during the licensing phase? It really
is a fun game! Next time you're with Sergio and a
couple other potential players and you actually have
some time to kill, see what his reaction is to taking
out a set of the Groo Card Game and saying "Who's up
for a game?" I guarantee fun reactions!

(Plus, if Sergio plays The Minstrel Card, it would be
sweet revenge listening to him try to rhyme!!!)

There are three types of Groo Game players: those who
NEVER play the Minstrel card for any reason, those who
do but then refuse to speak at all (if you play the
Minstrel card, you are then required to speak in rhyme
or discard the card), or those who can't WAIT to put
out a Minstrel Card JUST so I can, uhhh, I mean THEY
can annoy everyone by speaking in rhyme (snicker, snicker).

-Larry "Mr. Grooism" Steller

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