[Groop]Re: Groop Great Gift Idea

Azamin \" Cantona " Zainol Abidin azamin7@pd.jaring.my
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 11:18:04 +0800

For one of the railway stations.. I prefer groop@groo.com station... or Groop
garden... or Groop Street....

Rick Loomis wrote:

> Hmm. I have an interesting idea. What if we made a Groo-opoly FOR SERGIO?
> That would solve the copyright/trademark problem! (But we have to get ME to
> promise not to tell Sergio in advance!)
> The game can only be shipped to a UK address, but if we don't have anyone
> in the Groop in the UK, I have a friend there we can use. (Or is someone on
> the list in the UK? He or she would have to do the actual ordering).
> There are 27 spaces on the board that we can rename. And it will cost about
> $200 US with shipping and all. My suggestion is that 10 of us kick in $20
> each to pay for it. And the ten who pay up, get to each select two names
> for properties. (Presumably one from the Groo world, and one from Groo
> fandom so the guys who put up the $20 get to immortalize themselves on the
> Groopoly game). The other 7 would be obvious names such as Sage Street,
> Rufferto Road, and Groo Gardens. (Personally I look forward to purchasing
> Grossman Gardens or Dessesbo Dale, and then having Gary try to trade me for
> it!)
> Note that we cannot change the free parking or go to jail spaces, but we
> can change the railroads. The properties on the board, and the deeds, all
> are imprinted with the names we choose. And the chance or community chest
> cards that refer to specific properties will refer to the names we choose.