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SbphillipM@netscape.net SbphillipM@netscape.net
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:52:01 -0500

Dear Groop,

In the last month i fianally got the expansion pack for the Groo Game and have been dying to test it out but no one will play with me.  i've played with my brother but i think the two player game isnt quite as dynamic as a multiplayer game would be (so i assume i havnt played with any more than my brother :(  )  So i thought hey why not give it a try with the Groop!  the way i figure it is if one person was the "master dealer" and had the set of cards he could deal out the game and by personal email tell everyone what they had and what is face up on the table.  other people could use their card sets and display it for visual effect in front of their computer just as if there were people actually there.  then play could resume by email with the master dealer rolling the dice and drwing cards dictating to others what happens (honestly of course)  The only problem i forsee is that the game could go very slow in this matter.  say one or two turns a day if time is set aside.  Or several turns and hours of emailing on a weekend when all have spare time to kill.   Yes yes it would be horrendously slow, but hey it would be something fun to look forward to at the end of the day in chaecking the groop mail?  any takers?  lets give it a try at least!  i volunteer to be the first master dealer if we get enough people for this daring experiment!  Pleeeease!!  I want to play!


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