[Groop]happy GROO year people!

Ruben Arellano rarellano@shaw.ca
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 12:29:36 -0800

Reminds me of the time several years ago when an older friend gave me 
one of the most important rules about e-mail and the internet.  Don't 
write e-mails when you're drunk..... :-}

I think I will break out our Cheesedip tonight too.  And the red wine.  

Weird that us west coasters will likely be the last Groopies to 
celebrate New Years Eve (In about 11 hours 30 minutes).  

Hey, why don't some of us pop into CBR's chat to wish each other Happy 
New Year!

Take care all,

oddman wrote:

> Its new years eve. I am (somewhat) drunk.
> and eating CHEESE DIP!
> /Joe
> Sweden