[Groop]Grew Sighting... sort of?

Charles L. Klein cklein@mn.rr.com
Tue, 1 Jan 2002 19:03:47 -0600

I was at my local comic book shop when I happened upon a book entitled The 3
Geeks - it's a personal odyssey about 3 young comic book fans who visit a
comic con over a 3 day (and 3 issue) period.  In the last issue there's a
trivia contest betwixt the fans and the professionals.  Of course, there's
all sorts of similar names (rather than the real ones), but one answer is
"Although many would assume that 'Fecal Matter Eater Lad' would have the
greatest resistance to bad fish, the real answer to the question of
strongest stomach is 'Grew the Wonderer'."  I thought some obsessive fans
might appreciate the "sighting" of this one.  It was an interesting view of
comic cons as well (I've only been to one myself).

Oh, I REALLY liked the new Death & Taxes!  I would almost go far enough to
write a letter for that one!  Are you taking letters for the series Mark?