[Groop]Death & Taxes #1

D. Bron DBron@flashmail.com
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 19:40:50 -0500

Hey Groop,

I picked up a copy of Death & Taxes #1 today, and I must say I was 
pleasantly unsurprised.  True Groo quality (wait .. is that an insult?). I 
want to particularly commend Mark on the end page poem; it's a gem.


PS: Wow, my first groop mail in months!
PPS: Let's see if I can keep this trend going by writing my first Groo Gram 
in years.
PPPS:  Hey .. there's a good candidate for one of Mad Magazine's famous 
"You're a winner AND a loser if..." spreads:  You're both a winner AND a 
loser if you get your letter printed in Groo Grams.