[Groop]Grew Sighting... sort of?

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
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Hi Folks!

OK, first, a Groo reference by someone doesn't count as a Groo sighting,
although it might be fun to make note of such references on a non-Groo List
list.  A Groo List sighting must be Groo, a Groo character-or at least the
word "Groo" DRAWN by Sergio.  And, under most circumstances, it must be the
first printing on that drawing.

Now, for the Usagi Yojimbo Groo appearances.  All True Blue Groo fans should
also be UY fans and therefore have all the UY Groo appearances no matter who
drew them.  But Stan told me once which ones were drawn by Sergio,
(therefore making the Groo List) and which ones were drawn by Stan (and
therefore don't make The List)  In fact, he printed the answer to my
question in the letter column of Dark Horse UY # 1.

Ruben, you are a little confused, which of course is the normal state for a
Groo Fan.  The "Stupid-looking Barbarian" drawing was originally on page 23
of the UY Summer Special.  It was by Stan as was the silhouette of Groo in
UY Vol. 1 (Fantagraphics) #11, page 16.  Sergio did do the Groo on Page 5 of
the UY Vol. 1 #20 when Stan wasn't looking and Stan didn't even see it until
after the issue was printed!  Groo by Sergio is also in the letters page
with Usagi of Albedo Anthropomorphics #3 (4-85) and UY Vol. 2. (Mirage) #16.

Incidentally, #11 is a "tribute" issue to Sergio by Stan.  There are all
sorts of Groo catch-phrases (usually spoken by or directed at Gen) and there
is a wordless 8 page Cat Nippon adventure  by Sergio.  All that for only

Take care all -Gary "More than you really wanted to know" Grossmann

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> This was originally published in UY #20 (Fantagraphics Books, Feb 1989),
> and the Groo was drawn by Sergio.  On the cover of #20, there is also a
> caricature of Sergio by Stan Sakai.
> Ruben.
> Dieter Opfer wrote:
> >I picked up Fantagraphics Usagi Yojimbo Book One (Collects a number of
> >from various sources) and on about the fifth page there is a scene of
> >walking through a town. He passes Groo and thinks to himself that he is
> >waiting to happen.
> >
> >Later in the same book Usagi mentions having met a barbarian who was
stupid and
> >very dangerous.
> >
> >Dieter :)#
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