[Groop]Grew Sighting... sort of?

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Thu, 3 Jan 2002 21:52:57 -0800

Hi Folks!

WARNING!  Below is more than anybody in their right mind would want to know
about my Groo List!!

What constitutes a Groo List item can be very subjective and what does and
does not for my list is something that I  made up!  I think my criteria are
logical and all that, but it's just my criteria. It's not like it's endorsed
by Mark or Sergio as the "Official Groo List"    That's why I have always
jokingly called it the Official Unofficial Groo List.  Anyone can make up
there own list of Groo appearances and items and it can include stuff I
don't or exclude half the stuff I do include.

That having been said, here's what's on the list:

A Complete List of All Original Groo Adventures, All Known Groo
Reprints(Domestic & International), Groo Merchandise & Miscellaneous Items,
and Other Original Groo Appearances (No Matter How Obscure).

And here are the criteria for the Other Original Groo Appearances:

Things I Count:
 -Any publication that has an Original Groo Drawing, no matter how obscure.
 -Photographs of Original Art Work not available to the public.

Things I Don't Count
 -Panel & Cover pre/reprints in preview mags, encyclopedias, ads, etc.
 -Photographs of Mass Market Art Work
 -Reprints of mere appearances
 -Groo Drawn by Others

Bleah!!!  -Gary "I warned you" Grossmann

PS  So Carl, AH #105 doesn't make the Groo List.  But interviews are always
fun to find anyway.  I just got a magazine from France with a Sergio
interview in it.  Now if only I could read French!

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> Firstly, let me apologise for lurking again.
> I was looking over an old Sergiography list and could only find one copy
of Amazing Heroes, number 65 I think?
> However, I recently picked up number 105 (which has an excellent ME
interview) and also has several reprints of Groo within the interview.
> Is this a known Groo sighting?
> thanks, Carl
> Sorry for the intrusion, back to sleep for me!
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