[Groop]Death & Taxes

Chris Schechner schechnr@flash.net
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 12:10:26 -0600

In defese of the Great Escape, I got some of my best back issues 
there while in town on business. Unfortunately, the travel budget has 
been cut by the client, so I won't get to go again. No more Granite 
Falls, no more Noshville, no more West End Cooker. *sob*


(Zoltronians travel on their stomachs.)

>I had to order mine from Things From Another World.. should be here in a
>few days. The comic shop here in Nashville (The Great Escape) is a fun
>little place but they NEVER have Groo. I complain every time and ask them
>to order *some* but they never have the new issues in stock. It's
>It's good to hear the hardcover is on the way..
>Chad M. Riden