[Groop]Groo T-Shirts?

Scott scott@knyght.net
Sun, 20 Jan 2002 23:59:30 -0600

I have one of the 1994 Graphitti Groo TShirts... its sweeeeeet....

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Hi Folks!

I think Azamin told us the Malaysian T-shirts were gone with the new
management of The Sun newspaper.  (I'm still hoping they will sell me their
old copies of the Megazine.)  The only shirts that MIGHT be available are
the "Groo & The Thought Patrol" from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund,
although I seem to recall something about them not printing anymore, and the
last T-shirt that Graphitti Designs put out in 1994.

If these don't pan out, than ebay is pretty much your only hope.
Unfortunately, T-shirts are rather perishable.

Good Luck!  -Gary G.

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> Not that I know of (not new ones anyway).  Try ebay.... Maybe Azamin has
> some of the ones from the newspaper company?
> SQURTTLE64@aol.com wrote:
> > are there any groo t-shirts out there i could get?
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