[Groop]20th ann. book

Larry Steller lawrencesteller@yahoo.com
Sun, 3 Mar 2002 06:10:48 -0800 (PST)


I'd love to see some 1 or 2 page stories similar to
the SAGE and RUFFERTO features, spotlighting other
favorite characters like CHAKAAL, PAL & DRUM, ARCADIO,

I vote to keep the cards in. The vast majority of Groo
fans don't  have them; despite Mark's heroic efforts
to help us complete sets, many who have don't  have
them complete. 

I'd love to see a map, but doubt they would do one;
too much research, plus establishing a hard-and-fast
map of the GrooNiverse would open the Groo Crew up to
Nitpickers and Naysayers (How could Groo get to Arba &
Dakarba's lair so quickly from there...?). 

Plus,  it would act as a natural inhibitor for some
creative processes ( I can't do THIS because I've
already established the distance to be THAT), unless
they simply ignore the map afterwards, rendering it
FUN but nonfunctional (which is what they would have
to do!)

This is the same reason why DC Comics is vague about
EXACTLY where Metropolis & Gotham are to each other,
as well as to New York. At one time I seem to recall a
bridge between Gotham & Metropolis, and Solomon Grundy
was once said to have been formed in the Swamps
between Gotham & Metropolis. Currently, the distance
is hinted to be much greater than that. 

(Mayfair Games did a map of the DC Universe for their
roleplaying game, which firmly put Gotham in New
Jersey and Metropolis in Delaware; these were 
important details to establish in a game ystem,
however what's official for a game version of the DCU
is NOT official for the comics...)

I believe Mark addressed this years ago on this list;
to reprint the GrooGrams would require a HUGE amount
of retyping and would require a large amount of space.
If anyone out there is REALLY REALLY REALLY into this,
I'd suggest asking MARK for permission (probably need
it from Marvel, Image & Dark Horse, too) and then
setting up an authorized GROOGRAMS web site! Who likes
to type?

-Larry Steller
New York, New York

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