[Groop]Re: Groop digest, Great story, 6 times?

Ruben Arellano rarellano@shaw.ca
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 21:16:42 -0800

Ok, Rick.  We'll keep that in mind.

Rick Loomis wrote:

>At 07:59 AM 3/7/02 -0800, you wrote:
>That story about the Wasa was great! Thanks Oskar. 
>To the rest of you:  umm.... How do I say this politely? Could you perhaps
>consider "cutting and pasting" a teensy bit?  When you reply to a story
>(even a great one like that), it isn't really necessary to repeat the
>entire story with your reply. In my current digest, I got six copies of the
>story, as it was appended to the reply of everyone who mentioned it! I
>realize we are all fans of "The Stupid One", but really I suspect we would
>all know to which story you were referring, if you would just append the
>first couple of lines or two, instead of the person's entire post? I really
>love this list, but it gets kind of old trying to read past the same long
>story 6 times. (Or am I missing a joke here? Everyone is doing this
>deliberately so we get every good story or joke multiple times, like the
>Mulch one?) With the digest version of the list, I can't just "skip the
>rest of the message" when I realize that the rest of the message is just a
>copy of a previous msg. I have to skim over every line until I spot the
>start of the next message. And all that added duplication made the digest
>message 32K long! When I am out of town, checking my email by dialup modem,
>I end up waiting for a long time for those big messages to download!
>Thanks, I would really appreciate it!  Rick Loomis
>PS I fully intend to talk to Mark one of these days about me making a Groo
>licensed product. But I'll tell you all about it if it ever happens. 
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