[Groop]Cons, Grooville, & Neversink

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Sat, 9 Mar 2002 21:39:54 -0800

Hi Folks!

I was wondering who went to MegaCon in Florida and saw Sergio.  I thought a
couple Groopies did.  If so, let's hear a report!  (We love Con reports!)

Also, who is going to WonderCon to see Mark & Sergio and their Groo Panel???
Eric?  Anyone else?  Green with envy minds want to know!

btw, Larry, by my calculations, Neversink & Grooville are only about 40-45
miles away from Middleston, not 120.  (Did you get your inches and
centimeters mixed up again young man!)

btw2,  My bet is that Grooville is like a place near where I grew up called
Perrinville.  80 years ago there were these two towns separated by  5 miles
and connected by one road.  Halfway between was a place called Perrinville
because it was a gas station owned by the Perrins.  The only other person
who lived close by was The Goat Lady, but that's another story.  Anyway, the
two towns expanded and pretty soon there was nothing in between them.  But
the intersection of the road that had once connected them and the road that
is now the boundary that separates them remains known as Perrinville to this
day.   I'll bet that's pretty much what Grooville is.

As for Neversink, well apparently it did sink, at least figuratively.  Darn,
all those corporate headquarters chose White Plains instead!

PS to btw2, At one point, someone set up an art school in a dilapidated
building across the street from the gas station (which hasn't operated in 40
years) and constructed a concrete statue outside that we dubbed "The Virgin
of Perrinville," but that's another story too.

take care all -Gary G.