[Groop]What came first, the swords or the skull?

jorge filevich rage@engr.colostate.edu
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:04:15 -0700

I cannot check this for myself because my Groos are 6000 miles away so
maybe somebody can tell me. I bought the Life and Death hardcover, and
upon re-reading it I found a possible time-space rupture in the groo
When Groo returns to save his father and mother, he already has his
swords, but its not until the end of the book that he receives from his
father the little bag an the skull that he carries on his belt. So here
comes the question: Did he already have these items in the "episode"
where he obtains his swords. I'm sure he doesn't, but I cannot check, so
can somebody please free me from this agony of doubt? Well maybe I'm
just really confused, maybe this question has arisen before, but anyway,
I thought i'd ask.