Vaughn H. Seward vaughn@sewardconsulting.com
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 08:46:16 -0600

For dealing with spam I've been using Mailwasher for about a year now (it 
is 'freeware' but I liked it so much I registered...the latest version now 
supports Hotmail):


"It makes cheesedip out of spam!"
"It deals with unwanted email almost as well as Groo slays bad guys (& good 
guys) in a fray!

~Vaughn Seward

At 2002-10-23 06:18, you wrote:
>Don't worry Vaughn I just now bought Death and Taxes #4, and I can't say 
>that I have honestly read all of my Groo collection and I have been up to 
>date for 5 years now.
>P.S. I changed my e-mail I was getting more porn spam than Groo messages 
>through Hotmail, and I had set it up just for the Groo list.