[Groop]GROO NEWS from me

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 21:07:35 -0800

> We don't have any comics currently scheduled for release but will
> shortly be announcing dates for a 4-issue mini-series called T.C.
> MARS, which revives a lady detective character that Sergio started
> back in the seventies.

Hi Folks!

The T.C. Mars mini-series is particularly fascinating to me.  As I mentioned
a while back, T. C. Mars was originally intended to be serialized in Joe
"Sojourn" experiment, which was done in a Sunday Funnies format & size.
"Sojourn" only lasted 2 issues in the fall of 1977, so only  6 T. C. Mars
pages were published even though Sergio had drawn a 20 page or so adventure,
with the late Don Rico doing the wordsmithing a la ME.

When I was at Sergio's studio a year and half ago (or maybe longer) he was
working on seamlessly altering the art from Sunday Funnies dimensions to
comic book dimensions. So parts of the same panels were drawn 24 years
apart!  Mark, did you do any updating of Mr. Rico's dialogue?  I can't wait
to see the credits page for the first book.

Take care all -Gary G.