[Groop]OT: CPU overclocking?

E C mightyhero at mail.com
Mon Apr 7 05:23:41 PDT 2003

Hi guys/grrls!

Ruben wrote:
>Sorry for the OT, but any Groopies out there
>have experience in the area of overclocking
>intel CPUs?  Please drop me a line PRIVATELY.

In general, this is not recommended.

It's possible that your CPU chip may be able
to run faster than the speed stamped on the
chip package.

Chips are speed tested at a hot temperature
(usually 88C for commercial products), and
assigned a speed bin based on its performance.
(Electron mobility is less at hot temperatures
than cold temperatures.)

If a customer orders a slower speed chip,
and there aren't any in stock, then a faster
speed chip might be sold instead.  It would
have the slower speed stamped on the chip
package (and the customer would not be told
that he has a faster speed chip).  In this
case, it's possible to run your chip fast-

However, how would you know if you have a
faster speed chip?  If you increase the
clock speed, it may look like it works.
But, when the chip temperature increases
(from processing instructions and data, or
from the surrounding temperature), the
chip may fail.

See you.


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