[Groop]Groo Trivia Question

EUGENE PHILLIP ephillip at worldnet.att.net
Wed Apr 16 17:40:35 PDT 2003

  Here is a question for the Groo experts.  I thought I was one myself, but
I'm stymied.
  Over the years I've filled my basement with cases of collectables that are
now almost worthless.  I've been trying to clean up a bit and trash a few
cases each week.  Anyway, I found a sticker from a Groo item in the middle
of my basement floor, and I can't recall which item it's from and I can't
find a possible match from my "GROO" boxes.  Can anyone identify the item
that belongs to this sticker?
  It's a round sticker, about the size of a half-dollar (if anyone is old
enough to remember those).  It says:
"#51 Groo the Wanderer (TM) $4.95/$6.50 CAN Copyright (c) 1987 Marvel
Entertainment Group, Inc.  All characters and their distinctive likenesses
are trademarks of the Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.  A New World Company"
  If I knew what I was looking for, maybe I'd remember which box it's in.
Thanks for any help!

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