[Groop]CBLDF auction

Carl Walker Carl.Walker at JOCKEYUK.COM
Thu Apr 17 16:28:59 PDT 2003

About two months ago there was an email regarding the auction of a un-authorised Groo statue for destruction and its proceeds would go to the CBLDF.
This didn't go ahead and Mark explained why at the time.

However, this idea set me thinking.
I for one have doubles/extras that are just sitting gathering dust.
Aragones/Groo comics and items, plus others stuff.
And I bet others do too. 

With this in mind,  
- does anyone see any problems in setting up an auction in the groop  for Groo or Aragones items and all proceeds going to the CBLDF from the groop ?
- or does anyone have any ideas on this ?

After the years of laughter and enjoyment I think its time I tried to give something back.

one good day of sunshine and I've gone crazy from the heat,
Carl (UK) 
** please feel free to delete and never speak of this email again **

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