Fw: [Groop]A multitude of replies or suggestions and topics to makethissubject line too long

Chris Schechner chschechner at ev1.net
Thu Apr 17 13:46:38 PDT 2003

Do you hum because you don't know the words?

>Chet and Gary,
>   Thanks for your responses.  I don't remember ever buying GROO stickers,
>but now I'll have to sort through my collection.
>   I thought Gary may have it right, because I do have Death of Groo.  It's
>the #51 that has me confused.  Did I miss 50 other items, whatever they are?
>   Anyway, I'll have to take some time from my Spring chores and get that
>sticker back where it belongs.  Thanks for giving me some targets.
>   I know what "jeep" means!  It's a derivative of GP which stood for General
>Purpose vehicle, which were funny, square, olive drab colored cars during
>WWII and after.  The forerunner to the HMMWV.
>   Coincidentally, "Jeep" is also part of my namesake.  E.C. Segar
>(1894-1938) created a comic creature with extraordinary powers called
>"Eugene the Jeep".  When I was named, "Eugene" was as popular as "Britney",
>"Jennifer", or "Condolleezza" are today.
>Gene the Hummer

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