[Groop]Whassa jeep?

Chet Cox mormonyoyoman at juno.com
Sat Apr 19 14:26:56 PDT 2003

Popeye asked this question in a Sunday strip.  Despite a long and
convulted (and some covering of word balloons by a large drawing of
Eugene) explanation by one of Segar's stock pseudointellectual
scientists, Popeye ended with the same question.

For our purposes, we merely need to remember that a jeep is descended
from the Afrikan Hooey Hound and is linked (and perhaps lives) in the
fourth dimension.  Segar never showed us Eugene's trips into the 4th
dimension, but Bobby London did.  And it looked about what you might
think a Bobby London bad trip would look like.  At any rate, jeeps' (even
though there is evidently only one jeep, we refer to jeeps in the plural.
 You never know.) link to the 4th dimension gives them the ability to
predict the future -- though they're limited in communicating their
predictions.  (Shaking of head = No.  Touching nose to ground while
sticking tail straight up = Yes.  Usually.)  They can transport
themselves, a baby, and a jar of jam from inside to outside a house.  And
they can paralyze sea hags.  Those are the things we need to know.

And that Rufferto carries the same coloring and markings as Eugene.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
are doing the impossible."

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