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Wed Apr 23 12:19:08 PDT 2003

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dhackney at optusnet.com.au writes:

> This I think is highly unlikely, but technically possible.  Just for a
> laugh, let's test it...
> I shall unsubscribe from the Groop using that page immediately after I
> get this message back.  5 minutes after that, Gary (since he seems to
> be at his computer at the moment), will send a reply to the Groop, and
> CC: it to me as well.  If I get Gary's email twice, the unsubscribe
> page doesn't work, so we have a problem that we get Josh to fix ASAP. 
> If I only get Gary's email once, the unsubscribe works fine, and the
> problem is all at Scott's end.
> Here we go...

---------------------->Wow.  The anticipation is killing me.  I can't wait to 
find out what happened!


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