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> A housekeeper at our hotel thought www.newsfromme.com had to do with 
> something French.  "New Fromme"?  

Isn't "fromme" a (mis-spelled) word for cheese, in French? Does "news" mean 
"dip"? If so, then it must be the "Cheesedip.com" website (since modifiers 
usually follow the noun being modified, in French....). Or, perhaps, it's the 
CheesyNews.... It's been about 40 years since I took French....

Actually, Mark, it looks very good, easy to read. I'm on a desktop PC, 17" 
monitor, Windows XP, AOL 8.0..... I'll see if I can get the link added to my 
Ruby Lane "favorite links" list (got to re-learn how to do that....); don't 
know if that will affect your Google rating-- somebody said the link lists 
are in "frames" and that Google doesn't pick them up.
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