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oddman oddman at hyperisland.se
Mon Apr 28 14:43:07 PDT 2003

No way Gary. When you get to work, the building will not be there anymore...


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From: "Grossmann, Gary" <GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV>
Date:  Sun, 27 Apr 2003 18:03:29 -0700

>Hi Folks!
>Groo is once again in my home computer. (It ain't working)  Groo is in my
>heat pump & furnace.  (I ain't got heat.) My mother-in-law tried to start a
>fire in the fire place while we were out and not only didn't check the
>damper (which was closed) but didn't know where exactly it was to open it.
>My house now has a nice smoky aroma.  It could be worse. It could be
>December.  I expect power to go out at any moment and my car to blow up
>while I'm on my way to work tomorrow and find that I have been replaced when
>I get there.  
>I guess I was do for some Groo happenings.  But hey, everyone is healthy, if
>somewhat chilly.    Take care all -Gary "Into every life a little Groo must
>fall." G.  
>PS  I want Wondercon reports!!!!
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