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I can see why Mark wanted to let Sergio give the news
to the Groop through wondercon, that's awesome!

-Larry S. AKA Mr. Grooism

--- rage <rage at engr.colostate.edu> wrote:
> I went to the Wondercon and met Sergio yesterday.
> What a nice guy! We talked a 
> little (is ~1 hour a little?) and I asked about the
> next Groo. He said it was 
> going to be 12 issues, each of them one stand alone
> story and each featuring 
> one of the main characters. He said they are still
> writing it, and that they 
> want to get it advanced before starting to print
> them so they would have a 
> buffer and won't be late on any issue. 
> So that is the news, i guess.
> Jorge F.
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