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> I went to the Wondercon and met Sergio yesterday. What a nice guy! We talked 
> a 
> little (is ~1 hour a little?) and I asked about the next Groo. He said it 
> was 
> going to be 12 issues, each of them one stand alone story and each 
> featuring 
> one of the main characters. 

----------------------->That's cool.  On a sidestory, being unable to catch a 
airline flight to the event, I astrally projected myself there instead.  I 
spent a good bit of time at Sergio's booth and saw you guys having the above 
recounted conversation.  I also managed to hear what Sergio was thinking as 
he relayed the new Groo news.  It went something like this: 

       "Heh heh heh.  Y este pobre Grooper (o quisas es Groopie-eh, no 
importa) no sabe que en realidad va ha ver trece episodios en la serie.  Oy, 
como se van a reir con la ultima historieta cuando Groosagi hace su gran 
entrada.  Me hecho de carcajadas simplemente pensandolo."

       Yeah, that's what he thought allright.


p.s.  525,600 minutes.  How do you measure a year of Groosagi.
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