[Groop] Stupid Use of Kopins Award

Gary Grossmann grossfam at olywa.net
Sun Dec 21 20:47:15 PST 2003

Here are the responses from two of the four who bid very high (but not the winner):

> > I don't understand.  Why did you bid so much for a
> > box?  

> as a new user i didnt know enough about that. that's
> why that was done by mistake. hope i'll be more
> careful about bidding for the next time. thanks.

> This auction is over...  I am trying to get a few G4s' and saw didn't read into it - I was just putting initial bids down across the board...

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  Please do keep us (or at least me, if no one else is interested) informed of their responses. This, I must hear.



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