[Groop] Top Posters

E C mightyhero at mail.com
Wed Dec 31 21:37:18 PST 2003

Elie wrote:
>>>>OK, I've been posting here since 1998 and every year
>>>>I've been passed over for most messages posted to the
>>>>Groo list.  Therefore, this year I resolve to be one
>>>>of the top posters for the Groo list.
>>>>That was message 1.

Janet wrote:
>>>Hey, since we share the same tube of toothpaste and
>>>drink straight out of the same carton of juice, can my
>>>posts count toward his total year-end message count?
>>>I'd hate to have him dissappointed come next January,
>>>especially since I'm the one who will have to live with

Charles wrote:
>>Hey, if it's from the same household, why not?  The only
>>caveat is that you'd have to remind me at the end of THIS
>>year... put it in your calendar now... don't wait... no
>>really, I'll forget about it in a few minutes... what was
>>I talking about again?

Janet wrote:
>I forgot who I was supposed to email to remind them that,
>when they compile the list of top 10 Groop posters of 2004,
>Elie and I were supposed to be counted together since we
>share the same tube of toothpaste and drink directly from
>the same carton of eggnog.  I'm assuming the appropriate
>person is out there reading this.

That would be Charles!

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