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Shane Clarke sac@foolarchy.com
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 18:03:54 -0800

Or Gary convinces me I need, both the left and right page of original
art to make that a >good< Sergio purchase :)

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Rick has a good point.  Although sometimes ebay prices swing widely and
goofy when two "I have to have it" folks get in a bidding war, generally
things don't TOOOO out of hand.  (unless of course, me and Shane and
are bidding on Groo items.)  -Gary G.

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> Well, in my opinion one of the really nice side effects of ebay, is
> there are a lot of people out there who have no idea how valuable
> "collectible" is. (actually in most cases, have no idea that the
> collectible they think is priceless is actually worth only about $2).
> you tell them it's only worth $2 they will think you are trying to buy
> from them cheap. With ebay they can put it up for auction and find out
> sure that no one is willing to pay $600 for it, and it only costs them
> about 35 cents for the ebay listing fee.
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