[Groop]the Sergio web site

Josh 'Wet Exit' Jones josh@newdream.net
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 06:51:43 -0800 (PST)

I removed the offender from the list and banned posting from his email
address. Of course, he could just sign up again from another new free
email account unfortunately. If that happens, I think the only way to
really handle him is for people to just ignore his posts completely
(and/or set up your own local email filters to delete them) and then he'll
just get bored and leave.. hopefully!


On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, CrazySketchbook@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 2/22/03 5:47:32 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> msudol0928@rogers.com writes:
> > Both, actually. Thanks for asking.   I'm bisexual. Why? Do you find me so
> > fascinating that you're dying to meet me?
> > Can't. I'm in a monogamous relationship. May I suggest Grooella?
> I'm straight, but I got the message as well.  I already e-mailed Josh about
> the user, seeing as I don't think they have a profound interest in comic
> books.
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