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Larry Steller mrgrooism@yahoo.com
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 06:01:45 -0800 (PST)

--- Mark Evanier <mail@evanier.com> wrote:
> Speaking of signatures: After seeing too many of his
> signed items sold
> immediately on eBay, and after having a couple of
> collectors really
> abuse his generosity, Sergio has decided to adopt a
> new policy for
> autographs.  If he's at a con and you buy anything
> from him, he will
> of course sign it.  Beyond that, it's three
> autographs to a person.
> Any additional signatures will cost one dollar
> apiece, with all this
> money going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Good for him!!!!

A 3-signature limit is absolutely fair! I hope Sergio
sticks to his guns, we've all seen people plunk down a
huge stack of comics and expect a creator to just
assembly-line through the whole pile. This means fans
who are waiting patiently become impatient, some end
up missing the opportunity to meet with a favorite
creator when the artist then has to rush off to meet
commitments, and overall diminishes the experience for
both fans and talent alike.

I'd suggest, if it's not too tacky, that he make a
polite but firm sign stating the policy and its
reasonsand hang it discretely in an obvious place. The
downside to putting this in writing, even politely, is
people may then feel like they HAVE to get their 3

-Larry "Mr. Grooism" Steller

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