[Groop]New GROOpie

Nate Piekos natepiekos@cox.net
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 17:15:52 -0500

I barely remember what I ate for dinner yesterday... you have one heck of a 
memory, Glorko.  I think I've mellowed since then but I'm sure Shane would 
beg to differ.  :)


At 08:29 PM 1/14/03 -0600, you wrote:
>Actually, it's probably Nate we need to worry about blowing a vein. What 
>happened, as I recall, was that some guy called Blade Harvey showed up in 
>the groop and promptly declared himself mayor. That was bad enough, but 
>then he started making all sorts of self-important pronouncements and when 
>politely (really!) asked to knock it off, he somehow managed to offend 
>just about everyone on the list, just by making arrogant and stupid 
>remarks. Anyway, Nate pointedly suggested to him where he could stick it, 
>and he sort of disappeared after that. He's been the subject of much 
>speculation and quite a few derogatory jokes since then. Anyone else is 
>welcome to add their recollections.
>(not the mayor, but the exiled king of Zoltron.)
>>14. Don't try to declare yourself mayor.
>>Having joined the Groop just after this incident (blimey was it really three
>>years ago ?) and at the risk of Gary blowing a vein - what was all that
>>Mayor of Grooville stuff about again ???
>I have a new email address:
>Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com